Cadaver Anatomy: Superficial Tissues

Cadaver Anatomy: Superficial Tissues


When: Saturday November 23rd 2019

Where: University of Illinois at Chicago

Time 9am - 5pm

Price: $425 ($350 early bird special before Nov 1)

Instructor: Michelle Amore

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Course Description:

Participants will spend an 8-hour day in the lab exploring the anatomy and mechanics of the body with dissected human cadavers. This workshop will lead participants in analyzing stress strain relationships in bone, muscle, and connective tissues while exploring techniques in mobility and strengthening based on mechanical tissue relationships. Key areas the course will look at are muscle attachment sites, muscle fiber direction, neural relationships. fascial attachment sites, fascial fiber direction, joint axes, common anatomical occurrences, and anomalies.

Course Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify concepts, terminology, and characteristics of bone and soft tissue biomechanics.

  2.  Describe and identify anatomical structures, particularly of the musculoskeletal system,

    including bone, muscle, bony articulation, nerves, and blood vessels.

  3. Recognize how anatomy, particularly muscle fiber direction, is involved in human

    movement related to pathology and dysfunction.